Barry Middleton - England Hockey Captain

on GreenFields TX World Cup Hockey Field

“Pitch one especially feels quick and flat with not too much grain against it…”greenfields

England Hockey Captain Barry Middleton commented on GreenFields TX hockey pitch one:

“We played on both pitches. Pitch one especially feels quick and flat with not too much grain against it. Especially today with the rain and monsoon coming down, sometimes the pitch can get very heavy but it held the water very well. It was slightly heavy in the first half but you can’t stop the rain. In the second half when it stopped raining it played nice and true again.

I have said for years to the FIH we want the best pitches in the tornaments. So with hockey world cup and olympics we want flat and quick pitches because I think that is what the best hockey is played on. We want the best players to be play freely without worrying about the ball sticking around or their stick going against the grain on the turf.”

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