Chris Ciriello - Australia Hockey Player


“The hockey pitch is smooth, silky and good for drag flicking…”greenfields

Chris Ciriello remarks how the GreenFields TX hockey pitch should allow his team to demonstrate their skills of drag flicking and fast passing:

“The Hague is very nice. We’re staying near the beach. We were there yesterday, it was a little bit rainy but the Hague is very nice.”

The hockey stadium is amazing. I can’t believe how much work has gone into it. We saw it from when it was a soccer stadium and being built along the way. We are really impressed. The pitch plays really well. We are really looking forward to getting the tournament started.

The pitch is very smooth. If you put bounce on the hockey ball it stays bouncy but it favours good skill which I really like. It’s smooth, it’s silky and it’s good for drag flicking. I think we should see some good games and good goals.

On behalf of myself I think we should at least make the semis. I think we should win. Of course that’s what I want and is what our team is aiming for. We will do the best we can for the country in the world cup.

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