Installation GreenFields MX

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A timelapse registration of the installation of GreenFields MX at the FC Den Bosch stadium, Dutch First division team. There was an extensive period of orientation before the final decision was made for Greenfields MXS, with one determining criterion: quality. Peter Bijvelds was closely involved in the orientation and decision-making process, as director of the club. “We went for the best we could get. That meant an artificial grass that resembles every aspect of natural grass as much as possible, in terms of both playing experience and appearance. Inspired in part by the highly positive experiences of other football clubs in both paid and amateur football, we ultimately chose GreenFields MX.”
As Peter Bijvelds knows, some people at Den Bosch FC are sceptical towards artificial grass. However, he expects that sepsis to be transformed into enthusiasm after the installation: “In all honesty, there’s nothing quite like a great field of natural grass. But given the Dutch climate, and the intensive use, such an ideal grass field is unachievable, or at any rate unmaintainable, in our country. Knowing that, you should go for the best alternative. I’m convinced that we will have that best alternative here, at Den Bosch, soon.”