Marsha Cox – Hockey Captain for South Africa


“The GreenFields pitch is easy to adapt to…”greenfields

The South Africa Hockey Captain compares GreenFields turf to other artificial hockey surfaces:

“It’s absolutely amazing. It’s a bit overwhelming as you first walk through the tunnel because it’s quite a big stadium but it’s really fantastic to be here and to get the opportunity to train here 10 days before the world cup.”

I think the field hockey turf is really smooth and fast. It’s easy to play on. You maybe have to make one or two minor adjustments to the feel of it at the beginning but I feel it is pretty nice to play on.

We play on other artificial surfaces. Sometimes it takes a while to adjust to the spongier and longer grass fields. It is nice the GreenFields pitch is easy to adapt to. It doesn’t take too long, which is nice. It’s a big comparison to what we have in South Africa.

I think the World Cup is going to be an amazing event. I think a lot of good players are really keen to show what they have got. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of good hockey and playing good hockey as well. I think our expectation as team South Africa is to finish higher than our current ranking which is 11.

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