Giles Bonnet – Hockey Coach for South Africa


“A great compliment to the KNHB and GreenFields”greenfields

GreenFields were responsible for the world cup hockey pitch construction. The South Africa Coach congratulates GreenFields for installing a very smooth and fast hockey turf in a short time frame just before the 2014 Hockey World Cup:

“It’s going great. It’s fantastic to be here in the stadium. Its 9 days before the World Cup starts so for us it is the first taste of playing on this field in this stadium. The hockey field is fantastic and it plays very smoothly.”

We trained at the same field at our club in April. We were a little concerned to train here because the field has been laid very recently; our field has been laid for a year and a half. It’s very smooth. The ball runs very smoothly. Normally you have a bumpy field on a pitch that is laid close to a tournament but this is an exception so a great compliment to the KNHB and a great compliment to the people who put the field down (GreenFields). I think the tournament will benefit hugely from having this type of hockey surface.

I think GreenFields is a great hockey field…”

A synthetic surface speaks for itself. I think it’s necessary for the speed of the game and the technical skills we see in hockey so you need specifically the synthetic surfaces. I think GreenFields is a great field. I think a lot of elements in this field such as the high ball sits nicely down and doesn’t run away so you can recuperate the ball. The push on the corner is very quick. It has speed on it but it also has the ability to slow the ball down so if the ball is in the air and it comes down it will slow down. But if you play it over the ground it goes very quickly so it will be hard for first runners to run down the corners with the speed of the ball. I think a lot of elements in this field are conducive to a high performance tournament.

“We have experience from the last World Cup with a lot of the players here. We were not well prepared then so we have had a good preparation for this event. We would like to see if we can finish in the middle 4. For us that would be a big achievement. “

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Hockey Field Construction

GreenFields are experts in hockey field construction. Now your club, school, training centre or leisure facility can play on the same surface as the 2014 Hockey World Cup. Contact us for more information on how your teams can benefit from a GreenFields TX hockey pitch.

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